Certification Testimonials

Growing up in a house riddled with abuse and lies, I grew up to be an unsure adult full of fear and anxiety. I kept everything to myself but found ways to cope, and I managed to live a productive and semi-happy life.

When I met Chris and started my Safe certification, I was not sure what exactly I was going to do with it. I knew I wanted to empower other girls and people being abused to stand up for them self and speak their truth. I wanted to help make it ok for people who lost their voice to speak up. I gravitated to Safe because they believe violence should only be used as a last resort. I respected this because most people, including myself, are not comfortable with violence. This course empowers people to feel safe and confident by educating them in knowing their surrounds, using communication as our greatest tool and removing risk factors in our daily activities.

Chris has a very unique training style that includes both attention to detail and a hilarious sense of humour that makes the training days so fly by!

Being certified by Safe International has made me feel safe, strong, and most of all, smart when it comes to defending myself. I am so excited and honoured to now be teaching this program abroad to local school children of all ages. I am so grateful for the knowledge and confidence Safe has given me.

I hope to continue to teach this amazing course for many years to come! Thank you for giving me my voice back and allowing me to live without fear.

- “K”

Great experience. Chris is a wealth of knowledge. I was challenged to think about situations that I never thought about. I learned something new about people and myself.
Thank you, Chris.

-  Leanne Erickson Huvenaars

Top-notch self-defense program. These guys really understand preventative measures so that you don't ever find yourself in a sticky situation. Plus, they are hilarious!

- Jarod Milko

Pamela Armitage - SAFE International Instructor/Trainer