Questions are essential to us and expected.  If you would like to speak with us at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

Toll-free: 1-800-465-5972 or via

Email: info@safeinternational.biz

Where does the certification training take place? 


SAFE International is a mobile self-defense company so that training can take place virtually anywhere.  Options include our coming to you, you coming to us, or time to time we offer public certification seminars.  We have provided our courses in fitness studios, martial arts clubs, in the home, or office.


What if I am in a country other than Canada?


We have partners in the USA, Australia, and Germany who may be contacted for the training.  Also, people often travel to us for their certification.  In the case of us going to you, additional expenses may apply.  


Can the training time be reduced or extended?


There is a minimum amount of time required to complete each certification, but we are flexible in lengthening the training day based on the specifics for each person.  Also, the training may be extended where necessary, but additional costs may apply. 


Do you offer the certification online or via conference call? 


Our SAFE 101 Certification may be offered via Skype, but all certifications with a physical component must be conducted in person.  This is essential to understand our principles and concepts.  


Is the certification physically demanding?


The majority of self-defense certifications offered are a physical test of one's abilities.  SAFE International emphasizes understanding the material under the assumption that you will be teaching the curriculum to others.  With some of the additional corporate packages, there may be a more physical component, but the emphasis is still on having a complete understanding of the material.  As we have often told certification participants, we do not care so much about your capabilities, but more those whom you plan to bring the SAFE Curriculums to. 


Do I have to pass a test to reach the status of becoming SAFE Certified?


There is a quiz designed to make sure you have a complete understanding of the content.  We will spend the necessary amount of time to make sure you reach that level of education.


Are there any teaching limitations once certified?


One will be authorized to teach the material they are certified in.  There may be unique limitations dependent upon the location you are teaching in baed on the partner responsible for the training.  There is a general contract that points out fundamental limitations to maintain the quality of the SAFE International reputation.  This contract may be viewed before training takes place.  The priority is in keeping the SAFE Curriculums in their purest form when teaching clients, although we understand there may be unique situations where there are exceptions. 


How long does my certification last?


All certifications last for one year at which point one may decide to extend it based on many factors which can be discussed.  Each certification has an annual renewal fee, but dependent on what you may want in regards to additional training, marketing, on-going support and other factors. 


Do I have to provide a police check to become certified?


If you plan on teaching school, corporate or family courses, you will often be asked to provide proof that you do not have a criminal record, so having a police check is mandatory when requested.  There may be unique scenarios where this may not apply, but that may be discussed with the instructor before approving your certification training. 


Can you cancel my status as a SAFE International Certified instructor?


More details are laid out in the contract, but the short answer is yes if one is charged with a criminal offence or does anything that negatively affects the reputation of SAFE International.


Is there an annual renewal fee?  If one wants to maintain their status as a certified instructor, there is an annual or monthly renewal fee.  The amount is dependent on which program one is certified and which support and marketing one might choose.  We want you to be successful, but that takes considerable effort on our end with all the resources, updates, and marketing we are continually working on.  Also, on-going training may be required depending on which program is chosen.


Do I require insurance to teach the SAFE International curriculums?  The issue of insurance is addressed in the contract, but the short answer is yes if one intends on teaching the SAFE International programs one is certified in.  Refer to contract for further details.


Once I become certified, can I promote my certification on my website?  Yes, we have SAFE International Certification Badges which may be used for promotion.  Additional written content may be approved as well after review.  You will also be listed on our website as a certified instructor with SAFE International.


If I want help with marketing, promotion or need support, do you offer these services? We are always available to answer your general questions, but if one wants extensive assistance, that may be discussed on the best approach and what costs may be involved.