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Pure & Applied Self Defense

Are you an experienced self-defence instructor looking to add a certification from a highly reputable self-defence company?

Perhaps you are an owner/operator of a martial arts schools.

Corporate violence prevention/self-defense trainers.

Law enforcement trainers.

People with no self-defence training but have a passion for making their communities safer.

Parents interested in teaching their loved ones sound self-defence tactics.


Curious about the differences between Martial Arts vs Pure & Applied Self-Defence.

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Our SAFE International Curriculum has been updated every year for the past 25 years so that our students and instructors are always on the cutting-edge of self-defence concepts and principles.


We take into account the complex legal, moral, and ethical considerations of self-defence.


Our students are not just taught about the physical aspects of self-defence. We also focus on the often neglected psychological and behavioural issues as well.


Our self-defence certification is a holistic and comprehensive workshop. You will be well versed in all the key elements of self-defence, and you will be prepared to teach others.


Our global reputation for excellence means that when you earn our certification, everyone else knows that you really must know your stuff.


Going through the certification process gives you the confidence to teach others, demonstrates to your future students that you know what you’re talking about, and allows you to prove to anyone that you are a fully trained self-defense instructor.



This certification will enable you to offer solutions to people with or without any previous training.  As Chris Roberts likes to say, "If you only had 5 hours to teach self-defence - what would you teach?". This is the foundation upon which our SAFE 101 module is based.


We take an in-depth look at the psychology of violence from the perspective of the intended victim, the aggressor, bystanders or other parties who may be involved.  We examine closely the relation of human behaviour to both social and anti-social violence with a focus on avoiding violence through both environmental and situational awareness.  Through an examination of the potential hazards, people may face in their daily lives; you will be prepared to offer them solutions whether they are a teen, adult, senior, corporate executive, or busy stay at home parent.


Using proven behavioural and psychological principles to navigate through the chaos of confrontation, this module will give you the tools to defuse and de-escalate a potentially violent assault using tried and tested tactics.

Topics include fear, stress and confrontation management skills, differentiating between a good guy having a bad day and a genuine 'bad guy', verbal de-escalation strategies, conflict resolution principles, pre-contact cues and indicators, threat and behavioural pattern recognition as well as the legal, moral, ethical and ripple effects of surviving a violent confrontation.


From there the physical content is based upon your choice of certification. 



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